Iphone 4 – How to Save and re-open Draft Emails + How to Forward Emails.

I’ve been a blackberry user for a long time, so when recently my blackberry phone died, I had a choice between the Blackberry Torch and the iphone 4 amongst replacement choices. For the “cool factor” I went with the iPhone despite my reservations about losing my beloved qwert, feelable keyboard.
One of the first frustration I had with the iPhone was trying to figure out how to Save draft messages. It is simple but most definately not Intuitive.  You hit the REPLY Button  —–

then once you’re done typing you have to hit CANCEL ! it will then give you the choice to DELETE or SAVE the DRAFT. —————

And that is how you save a draft email on the iPhone.

Now to re-open a saved iPhone Draft Email Simply Hold the COMPOSE symbol. ————–

To FORWARD emails.

Hit Reply Symbol and it will give you the choice to REPLY or FORWARD.


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